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Hyundai Galloper
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Date:July 7, 2011, 5:04 am
Location:Peru, Lima, Lima
Vehicle:Hyundai Galloper
Modification:Installation of a turbo
General comments:The truck is very good, very comfortable and friendly to lead

1 Questions:
Distribute spare parts for this model truck?
I need the small central board, which will mark the height, temperature and angle of the truck
Problems:Good afternoon.
My problem is that when the truck passes the 3000 RPM the truck warms up the temperature above the mark which is half the temperature marker.
One can say that up to 3 / 4 of the marker.
The same happens when I drive the vehicle to 2900 or 2700 RPM and climb a slope of 1 km long, the truck overheated.
He has placed a 3 row radiator to try to keep the engine cooler.
The truck has installed a turbo to gain power, but the truck and reheated before putting the turbo.
I hope I can help solve the problem of overheating and to use the vehicle with ease.
I hope ypu can understand me.
I´ll be waiting your soon reply.
Thanks a lot.
Previous car:VW Golf 1993
Contact:show contact

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August 28, 2011, 9:28 am  from: petar
i have same problem with my galloper in same RPM some times is not overheat but most of the time is overheating i wos asking all hyundai services they just told me dont dirve fast :S if u find solution pls post it or email me

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Hyundai Galloper - Solving Car Problems