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FORD Explorer
1994 ford explorer1994 ford explorer1994 ford explorer1994 ford explorer1994 ford explorer

scratchy windy noise in engine dept &dripps substance on ground LIKE oil 1994

Date:July 14, 2014, 5:09 am
Name:michelle admire
Location:lane, ore, spfld
Vehicle:FORD Explorer
General comments:PLEASE FIND OUT HERES VIN #1FMDU34X9RUA97019
Problems:#1. a horrible noise by altanator area like scratchy noise and widy noise getting worse. and when I park oil spots on ground it might b too much trans..fluid I don't know and I don't know real milage as I thought 221000 and guy I bought from said that year odo only went 5 digits 99999and turns over so it says 221000 bur really only got 121000 due to the 99999and then turn over to a 2 21000 ????whats w/ that true or falsew???? and is it a eddie bower as I put vin# in online to get info on it and states it is eddie bower is it???
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Photo FORD Explorer


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FORD Explorer - Solving Car Problems