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Chery - Solving Car Problems

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DateSubjectPhotoDescriptionName and Location
Feb 19, 2018Electric shut down2007 Chery
Egypt, Cairo
Nov 7, 2017Carry qq2008 Chery QQDimas
Indonesia, Jawatimur, Mountain View
Oct 13, 2017chery j2 brake light bulb2015 Chery Cherywillem lottering
south africa, western cape, bothasig
Sep 29, 2017Stuck in reverse2008 Chery QQJ ibanez
Philippines, MANILA
Sep 5, 2017wont start when cold2008 Chery QQsteve
South Africa, Gauteng, Johannesburg
Aug 5, 2017Radiator fan not operating in time.2008 Chery QQ; noDilip saparamadu
Sri Lanka, wetern, homagama
Aug 1, 2017Overheating2010 Chery Chery; NoneShane
South AFrica, Gauteng, Krugersdorp
Jul 21, 2017EPC light appears while driving2012 Chery Tiggo; 1.6 TXClinton
South Africa, western cape, cape town
Jun 17, 2017My tiggo 1.6 TX will slow down uphill , combustion is incomplete with car spurting sound coming from exhaust and car will stall2012 Chery Tiggo; NoneEdmund seeburn
Mauritius, Sodnac
May 8, 2017gear box2011 Chery QQ
1 comment
South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Apr 4, 2017gearbox problem2009 Chery QQalpheus
south africa, pta, Waterlooville
Feb 9, 2017Chery Tiggo 2.0 txe2009 Chery Chery; NoneJ Mabula
South Africa, Gauteng, Midrand
Feb 5, 2017Faulty Car Computer2010 Chery Tiggo; nojezhael
Colombia, DC, Bogota
Dec 5, 2016transmission2008 Chery QQ; noneed
Philippines, cebu, camontes
Oct 28, 2016توقف دفع الحركة اثناء القيادة2010 Chery Tiggoabd elrahman basiouny
Egypt, Al Qahirah, Cairo
Sep 24, 2016Rpm issue2010 Chery QQ; NoneJacqueline
South Africa, cape town
Jul 11, 2016Oil light stay on2010 Chery TiggoIsmael
South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Jun 22, 2016Chery not starting2011 Chery CheryMary
South Africa, East Rand, Boksburg
Jun 18, 2016Gear shift issue2009 Chery QQCheeming Chen
Singapore, Singapore
May 17, 2016automotive troubleshooting2011 Chery QQ; nothingsbusiso in south africa
May 13, 2016Idling problem2007 Chery QQ; nonePeet
South Africa, Gauteng
Jul 19, 2014probleem met tiggo2011 Chery Tiggoruben
South Africa, limpopo, thabazimbi
Jul 8, 2014Engine Self-check indicator light is on2008 Chery Tiggo; CHERY T11 2.0Sadd Hussain
Singapore, Singapore
Jun 22, 2014gear tak function2008 Chery Chery; easter 2.4wan
Malaysia, peneng, jelutong
Jun 12, 2014Battery light flashing2008 Chery TiggoHelena
South Africa, Johannesburg, Randburg
Jun 3, 2014Nr 1 cylinder dead2009 Chery QQ; NonePieter
South Africa, Gauteng, Pretoria
Jun 2, 2014Ticking noise at high revs2010 Chery TiggoMichael Eastwood
South Africa, Richards bay
May 12, 2014heating engine2006 Chery QQ
Sri Lanka, kandy
Mar 22, 2014Headlight2010 Chery Tiggo
L Jackson
South Africa, Gauteng, Kempton Park
Feb 27, 2014Transmission Problem2009 Chery Tiggo; No modification from day was purchased.Johannes Bulangai
Malaysia, Sabah, Sandakan

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Chery - Solving Car Problems