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The History Of Toyota Comfort

Toyota Comfort

Toyota Comfort

The Toyota Comfort, released in 1988, is designed for use as a taxicab. It is popular in Japan, Singapore (badged as a Crown) and especially Hong Kong, where more than 90% of all taxis are Toyota Comforts. Its primary Nissan competitor is the Nissan Crew and its secondary Nissan competitor is the Cedric Y31.

Drivetrain: Rear-wheel drive

Compression ratio 10.5:1

Bore x Stroke (mm) 86.0 x 86

Maximum output (kW(PS)/rpm) 58(79)/4,400rpm

Maximum torque (Nm(kg-m)/rpm) 160(16.3)/2,400rpm

A 4-speed automatic transmission became standard in 2004.

The TRD Comfort GT-Z Supercharger was a limited edition sport model made in 2003. Total production of this version was 59 vehicles.

Its engine is a 3S-FE type DOHC 2.0L L4 ORC-TX07supercharged gasoline engine.

Its maximum output is ( in kW(PS)/rpm) 118(160)/6100rpm Maximum torque is ( inNm(kg-m)/rpm) 221(22.5)/3300rpm

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