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The History Of Toyota Carina II

The Toyota Carina was introduced as a family sedan to Japan in 1970. It's A10 series was in production from 1970-1977. In July 1987 The Toyota Carina II was released. The car had three engine variants, a 2000cc and 1600cc petrol engines, and a 2000cc diesel engine. The car soon spread across the world with very good fuel economy and comfort in Drive. It was well received in the United Kingdom as well as Denmark and Scandinavia. In 1991 the Toyota Carina XL Highlife was issued. It boasted a more fuel economic engine and seats that showed more comfort and the horsepower of the car was risen from 64 to 75. However, these updates had an effect on the weight of the car. It rose from 1138kg to 1185kg. The Carina II was discontinued in 1992 and succeeded by the Toyota Carina E.

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