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The History Of Nissan Stagea

Nissan Stagea

Nissan Stagea

The Nissan Stagea commonly referred to as the Skyline wagon, when the 2.5 turbo is fitted, (although it is based on the similar C34 Laurel platform) is a station wagon originally produced by Nissan in 1996 as direct competition for the Subaru Legacy Touring wagon in the Japanese Domestic Market.

There are 3 different versions of the Stagea, WC34 Series 1 (1996 to late 1998), WC34 Series 2 (late 1998 to 2001) and the M35 Series (2001 to 2007).

WC34 Series 1 (1996 to late 1998) came in 2.0l and 2.5l turbo engine choices (all RB series engines). It also has 2WD and 4WD variants. The 4WD system is similar in operation to the Nissan Skyline GTR. Engine power ranges from 114kW (153hp) in the 2.0l to 172kW (231hp) in the 2.5l turbo. The Series 1 is only available in 4 speed auto. This model bears many similarities to the Series 3 R31 Skyline, this is mainly on the front of the vehicle with the headlights being the same shape only slightly larger, as well as the placement of the air dams and indicator lights being in the same position as on the R31 Skyline. This makes the car look as though it is the natural progression from the old Skyline model.


Chassis Code - Model Name - Engine Size - Drivetrain E-WGC34 - X AERO SELECTION - 2500 - 2WD E-WGC34 - X - 2500 - 2WD E-WGC34 - RS AERO SELECTION - 2500 - 2WD E-WGC34 - RS - 2500 - 2WD E-WGC34 - G - 2500 - 2WD GF-WHC34 - X - 2000 - 2WD GF-WHC34 - G - 2000 - 2WD E-WGNC34 - X FOUR AERO - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - X FOUR - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - RS FOUR V AERO - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - RS FOUR V - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - RS FOUR AERO - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - RS FOUR - 2500T - 4WD E-WGNC34 - X FOUR AERO - 2500 4WD E-WGNC34 - X FOUR - 2500 - 4WD E-WGNC34 - RS FOUR - 2500 - 4WD E-WGNC34 - G FOUR - 2500 - 4WD


  • Frame: E-WGC34 (2WD); E-WGNC34 (4WD)
  • Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 4800mm (189in) x 1755mm (69.1in) x 1495mm (58.9in)
  • Interior dimensions (LxWxH): 1900mm (74.8in) x 1425mm (56.1in) x 1155mm (45.5in)
  • Wheel base: 2720mm (107.1in)
  • Treads (F/R): 1460mm (57.5in) / 1515mm (59.6in)
  • Ground clearance: 145mm (5.7in)
  • Curb vehicle weight: 1620kg (3571lb)


Series 1 paint options:

  • FPV Orange (super fine hard coat)
  • Silver (M) (super fine hard coat)
  • Dark blue Matt (super fine hard coat)
  • Emerald green pearl (M) (super fine hard coat)
  • Hothouse Green (M) (super fine hard coat)
  • Fire clear red II (super fine hard coat)
  • Silky Snow (Code: WK1)

WC34 series 2 (1998 to 2001) was basically the same as the Series 1. The headlights are slightly different (high beam light moved to the grill). It has the same engine choices, but they are the uprated NEO version of the RB series. The power ranges from 114kW (153hp) in the 2l to 206kW (276hp) for the 2.5l turbo. 2WD and 4WD versions available. A choice of transmissions is also available: 4 speed auto, 4 speed tip-tronic and 5 speed manual.



The AUTECH and NISMO versions use the same all-wheel drive system as the GTR (ATTESA-ETS) and have BREMBO brakes fitted front and rear.

The AUTECH version, called 260RS, has the following extras:


  • 2.6 L DOHC Turbo-I6 (Type RB26DETT), 280hp (209kW)
  • Rear mechanical LSD
  • Special exhaust system
  • Improved suspension system
  • Special rear stabilizer
  • Brembo brake system
  • Front strut brace
  • Body strengthening
  • Front crossbar
  • Strengthening tunnel stay
  • Triple crossbar


  • BBS made forged aluminum wheels
  • Special front bumper
  • Super fine hard paint
  • Rear under protector


  • MOMO sport steering wheel
  • Special seat trim
  • Leather shift knob
  • Leather parking brake lever
  • GTR style meters (front torque, oil pressure and boost)
  • Pine Magic Tree

R34 Conversion

Masa Motorsport makes a Front-End Conversion Kit for the WC34 Stagea so it appears to be an R34 GT-R Skyline Wagon. However the Rear Lights have no R34 Conversion.

The M35 series (2001 to 2007) looks very different than the previous C34 models and is derived from the Skyline/G35 sedan (V35 platform). As per the Skyline the engine was changed from the RB series I6 to the VQ series V6.

Series 1 Models

From 2001 to 2003 the following range of models were available:

  • 250RS/RS V/RX: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), rear wheel drive
  • 250RS FOUR/RX FOUR: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), four wheel drive
  • 250tRS FOUR V/RX FOUR: VQ25DET engine (V6 2.5L single turbo, 205.94 kW), four wheel drive
  • 300RX: VQ30DD engine (V6 3.0L NA, direct injection, 191.23 kW), rear wheel drive.

There were a couple of sub-variants:

  • 250tRS FOUR V HICAS: A 250tRS FOUR V with the addition of the Nissan HICAS four wheel steering system
  • AR-X FOUR: A 250t FOUR (ie 2,5L turbo/4wd) model with increased ride height and SUV-like body ornaments. 206kW (276hp)
  • The were 4 'aero selection' models added in 2002 to the 250RS/250tRS FOUR/250tRS FOUR V/250tRS FOUR V HICAS ranges, this added a bodykit to the standard car.

Series 2 Models

In 2004 the range was modified:

  • 250RX: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), rear wheel drive
  • 250RX FOUR: VQ25DD engine (V6 2.5L NA, direct injection, 158.3 kW), four wheel drive
  • 350RX: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA 200 kW), rear wheel drive
  • 350RX FOUR: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA, 200 kW), four
  • AR-X FOUR: VQ35DE engine (V6 3.5L NA, 200 kW),



The end of the Stagea

Nissan ceased production of the Stagea in early June 2007, Nissan Japan stated that it would continue to sell the remaining stock of the vehicle but that production of the vehicle had ended.

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