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2005 Toyota Voltz Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

Voltz is the Japanese market name for this vehicle, see Pontiac Vibe for article

The Toyota Voltz was a tall station wagon sold from 2002 to 2004. It was assembled by NUMMI in Fremont, California and marketed by Toyota in its home market of Japan, but curtailed after a disappointing sales volume of just over 10,000 units. The Voltz was produced alongside the Pontiac Vibe in Fremont, California, in the United States by NUMMI (New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc), a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota. This vehicle is known as the Pontiac Vibe (itself a version of the Toyota Matrix) in North America. The Vibe was exported to the Japanese market (with minor badging changes and right-hand drive configuration) as the Toyota Voltz. Whereas its exterior styling is identical to the Vibe, some interior details differ, matching the interior of the Matrix instead. Curiously, the North American Toyota-branded Matrix was not sold in Japan.

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2005 Toyota Voltz Pictures

Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz
Pictures Toyota Voltz

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