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2003 Toyota Verossa Pictures

The Toyota Verossa was a sedan-style automobile produced by the Toyota Motor Company of Japan. It was primarily purchased within Japan, as it was never officially exported for sale in other countries.

After production of the Chaser and Cresta had ended in 2000, Toyota replaced the two sedans with the controversially styled Verossa in 2001. The Verossa shared its model code with its predecessors and also featured the front-engine rear-drive layout.

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2003 Toyota Verossa Pictures

2003 Toyota Verossa

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Verossa Troubleshooting
Car starts then shuts off
2001, I went away and left the car parked two weeks was working normally with no problems. When I...
Facture proforma pour les deux fards avant
2003, Bonjour! j'ai fait un accident de
circulation et la voiture à perdu deux fards
Left head lamp
2001, smashed left head lamp,a crystal clear lens.
the bulb is the only thing left and needs

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The Verossa was powered by 24 valve DOHC inline-six cylinder engines giving 160hp (120kW) to 280hp (210kW) (2.0 litre, Type 1G-FE; 2.5 litre, Type 1JZ-FSE and 1JZ-GTE). The 2.0 litre model was also available in 4WD form.

Production of the Verossa ceased in 2003 due to poor sales.

  • Toyota Verossa, Japanese sales brochure #VQ0018-0107 (2001)

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