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Not to be confused with the Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienta is a small five-door minivan with sliding doors sold only in Japan. Introduced in September 2003, it seats seven despite its very small size. It features avant-garde styling that is very similar to the Renault Twingo.

The Toyota Sienta is a three-row, seven seater compact MPV based on the popular Vitz subcompact. Built as a fun family vehicle, the Sienta comes with a distinctly front and a lavish interior.

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Powered by a 1.5 liter petrol VVT-i engine capable of 110bhp (82kW) at 6000 rpm, the Sienta comes equipped with CVT transmission for smooth effortless cruising. ABS and EBD are standard safety features.

The interior is highly flexible with the seats able to be knocked down in various configurations to accommodate varying luggage sizes. Multi compartments are available in convenient areas of the cabin for easy storage of small useful items. Large sliding doors at the rear ensures ease of entry for passengers.

This is a car commonly seen in Japan, due to its easy maintenance, low FC for MPVs ranging from 12km/l to 16km/l, and its great sliding doors. The car can also be found easily in Hong Kong, most of them there were parallelly imported.

Toyota Sienta received a facelift in Year 2006, 3 years since its first production. Newer colors were added, such as Apple Green, Gun-Metal Grey, and Metallic Blue. And the facelifted models also contain double electric-powered sliding doors feature.

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