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2009 Toyota Hilux PICK UP For Sale, 3.0, Diesel, Automatic For Sale

This article is about the pickup sold in North America until 1994, and other markets as of today. For the 1995-present small pickup sold in North America, see Toyota Tacoma.

The Toyota Hilux, and Toyota Tacoma, are compact pickup trucks built and marketed by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The Hilux name was adopted as a replacement for the Stout in 1969, and remains in use worldwide. In North America, the Hilux name was retired in 1976 in favor of Truck, Pickup Truck, or Compact Truck, until it was renamed the Tacoma in 1995. One popular option package, SR5 (Sport Rally), also became synonymous with the truck, even though it was used on other Toyota models as well. In 1984, the Trekker, the camper version of the Hilux, was changed to the 4Runner in North America and Australia, and as the Hilux Surf in Japan. The 4Runner, now a full SUV, shares few visual cues with its brother Tacoma in more recent models.

Used Toyota Hilux PICK UP


2009 Toyota Hilux PICK UP For Sale

Preview 2009 Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Hilux PICK UPPreview 2009 Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UP
Preview Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UPPreview Toyota Hilux PICK UP
Preview Toyota Hilux PICK UP

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2009 Toyota Hilux PICK UP For Sale

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Hilux PICK UP Troubleshooting
Headlights will not turn off without keys in ignition
2001, headlights not turning off without removing
relay,replaced relay still on replaced combo switch
Air condition not working
2005, the air condition is not working no hot air
,no cold air but the fan is running.also when it
Suspension overhaul
1992, front suspension...

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Displacement, cc:2982
Fuel Type:Diesel
Approximate cost (price):$51500

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As the Hilux name was dropped in the US in 1976, any details listed here purporting to relate to the Hilux from that date may not be entirely correct when applied to the vehicle that continues to be marketed by Toyota as the Hilux throughout the rest of the world.

The product lines for the US and elsewhere diverged at that point and in many cases on a year for year basis the vehicles sold in the US only resemble the Hilux, with major mechanical/chassis differences.


The original Toyota pickup was the 1935 Type G1 truck. It shared many components with the company's Type A1 sedan, and was a 1.5ton stake-bed commercial truck.


After World War II, Toyota returned with a compact pickup truck, the Toyopet Model SB. This was the ancestor of the Stout, and remained in production from 1947 through 1957.


  • 995cc I4, 27hp (20kW)


Toyota entered the American market with the 1964 introduction of the second generation Stout. It was larger than the similar Datsun and Mazda compact trucks, and looked like a Chevrolet C/K.

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