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2005 Toyota Hiace VAN Pics

The Toyota Hiace is a motor vehicle produced by the Japanese manufacturer Toyota. First launched in 1967, the Hiace has since been available in a wide range of configurations, including minivan (MPV) and minibus, van, pick-up, taxi, ambulance and motorhome.


2005 Toyota Hiace VAN Pics

Preview 2005 Toyota Hiace VANPreview Hiace VANPreview 2005 Hiace VANPreview Toyota Hiace VANPreview Toyota Hiace VAN

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2005 Toyota Hiace VAN Pics

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1st generation

Introduced in 1967, the Hiace was offered as cab-over pick-up, delivery van, and Commuter. And also named Hiace Commercial as a campervan. A very rare model these days mostly because of weather wear and rust, in Europe most of the vans are exported to Africa as they enjoy a longer life there.

2nd generation

The new Hiace of 1977 featured a smoother cab with single headlights. In addition to the petrol engine, a 2.2-litre diesel engine was offered in certain markets. New for the "20-40 series" Hiace were double-cab pick-up, super-long-wheelbase van, and high-roof Commuter.

When the third generation was released in 1982, certain variants of the 2nd generation were still built for several years after.

3rd generation

A new Hiace van was launched in 1982, with the Hiace pick-up coming later; the cab was shared with the bigger Toyoace light truck, however with different frontal styling. The Van is coded 50-series for short wheelbase, 60 for long, and 70 for super long. The pick-up trucks are 80 and 90-series. The Toyota Mobile Lounge, displayed at the 1987 Tokyo Motor Show, is based on the Hiace high-roof Commuter. While the van and Commuter were redesigned in 1989, the pick-up lasted until mid-1990s. This was the last Hiace pick-up.

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