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2006 Suzuki Escudo For Sale, 2.0, Gasoline, Manual For Sale

The Suzuki Escudo (known as Sidekick in North America and Vitara in Europe, the Philippines and Australia, as well as North America after 1999) was a small off-road vehicle produced from 1989-2004. The North American version was produced as a joint venture between Suzuki and General Motors known as CAMI. The vehicle was a follow-up to the popular SJ413 and Samurai. Also, this vehicle, while sold in North America, was designed to slot above the Samurai. A larger version is also made, known as the Suzuki Grand Escudo (known as Grand Vitara XL-7 in other markets).

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2006 Suzuki Escudo For Sale

Preview 2006 Suzuki EscudoPreview EscudoPreview 2006 EscudoPreview Suzuki EscudoPreview Suzuki Escudo
Preview Suzuki Escudo

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2006 Suzuki Escudo For Sale

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Escudo Troubleshooting
1994, automatic transmission not shifting into third
gear i've tried rebuilding,changing oil,cleani...
Crank shaft
1991, the crank shaft is completely damaged.i cant
even find the its Big End Bearings.size 10.pliz help...
Gearbox leaking oil
1996, I have discovered my gearbox is leaking oil
from the top does not feel its far enough back to be

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Displacement, cc:2000
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Approximate cost (price):$23000

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The Sidekick was sold in various badges such as the Geo Tracker (Chevrolet Tracker after 1998) in the United States, and as the GMC Tracker, Chevrolet Tracker, As√ľna Sunrunner and Pontiac Sunrunner in Canada. It was also sold as the Santana 300 and 350 in Spain. In the Japanese home market, it was variously sold also with Mazda badge. The 1st Generation Escudo was sold in Mexico as the Chevrolet Vitara. The 2nd Generation is currently sold in Mexico as the Chevrolet Tracker, as the Chevrolet Grand Vitara in other Central and South American countries, while in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile is sold as the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

The original 1989 North American Sidekick was available as a 2-door convertible or hardtop, in 1.3 liter JA and more powerful 4-wheel-drive JX & JLX trims. An 80hp (60kW) 1.6 liter, 8-valve, 4-cylinder engine was available on the JX & JLX. 1990 brought the deletion of the upscale JLX version. In 1991, a 4-door Sidekick with a lengthened wheelbase was introduced and the following year a 95hp (71kW), 1.6 liter, 16-valve engine was introduced. 1991 also brought the introduction of rear antilock brakes. The original Sidekick was updated in 1996 with a new Sport version available with 120hp (89kW), 1.8 liter 16-valve 4-cylinder engine. The Sport also had dual airbags, 2-tone paint and 16" Alloy wheels.

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Used 2006 Suzuki Escudo For Sale, 2.0, Gasoline, Manual.