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Used 2003 Ssang YONG Musso Photos, 2900cc., Diesel, Automatic For Sale

The SsangYong Musso was a SUV manufactured by the South Korean automobile manufacturer, SsangYong Motor Company.

First produced in 1993 the car featured a Mercedes petrol engine or a diesel engine. The car was designed by Briton Ken Greenley and received Auto Design Award from the Birmingham Auto Show hosted in 1994 and 1996. Also known for its off-road abilities, Musso has won the first place from the Pharaohs Rally of Egypt among 4WD vehicles in October 1994. The Musso seats five people. The Musso's wheels are fit for off-road driving, similar to the smaller SUV SsangYong Korando. The SsangYong Musso Sports, a Musso variant with a truck bed, was released in later years.

Used Ssang YONG Musso


Used 2003 Ssang YONG Musso Photos

Preview 2003 Ssang YONG MussoPreview MussoPreview 2003 MussoPreview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG Musso
Preview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG Musso
Preview Ssang YONG MussoPreview Ssang YONG Musso

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2003 Ssang YONG Musso Photos

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Musso Troubleshooting
Power train and alternator problem
1999, The car has no power, wont start wont charge
battery When you run it it does not go I suspect
2002, 10 gearbox,s replaese still not right please
help car does not toww aney thing car in very
How can ı get a few spare parts get but wher...
1998, hi mr and mrs, ı have got a ssang yong
musso 2.300 engine ,oatrol fluid, gray color..when
am ...

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Displacement, cc:2900
Fuel Type:Diesel
Approximate cost (price):$13000

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As Ssangyong had a technology sharing deal with Mercedes-Benz at the time, the decision was made to sell Mussos badged as Mercedes-Benz' on some markets. This was supposedly to allow SsangYong to gain footholds in new markets without having to build their own infrastructure (utilizing existing Mercedes networks) while giving Mercedes a competitor in the then booming SUV market.

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Used 2003 Ssang YONG Musso For Sale, 2900cc., Diesel, Automatic.