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2001 Renault Master Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

Renault Master is the name used by French vehicle manufacturer Renault for its upper-medium size van (around the 3.5 tonne segment) — similar in size to the largest models of the more common Ford Transit.

Over its lifetime several different body styles have been available, from the standard van to bigger models with an increased load area, height, and longer-wheelbases with an LWB prefix. Panel vans are very common, but pickups are also available.

2001 Renault Master Pictures

Pictures Renault Master
Pictures Renault Master

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Early Renault Masters were unusually styled and distinctively Renault products — with, for example, round door handles resemblant of the Fiat Strada.

They competed with a number of other manufacturer's products, but also with the smallest models of Renault's own Dodge 50 Series, which was latterly being built as the Renault 50 Series after Renault's acquisition of the UK Dodge production facilities (at the time of Peugeot's take-over of Chrysler Europe).

First generation vans were available with 2.5D or 2.8TD diesel engines.

The current generation, though primarily developed by Renault, is more conventional in appearance and is also available as the almost identical Opel Movano (and Vauxhall Movano), and from Renault's closely-related partner Nissan, renamed the Nissan Interstar; the arrangement mirrors the collaboration between these companies on the Master's smaller counterpart, the Renault Trafic.

The van has received a mid-life major facelift with the headlight area being heavily restyled, and now somewhat resembling the smaller Trafic.

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