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Renault Magnum Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

The Renault Magnum is the flagship model of Renault Trucks, which is available in semi and rigid configurations. Both configurations can be bought with a 6x2 or 4x2 drivetrain.


The engine is derived from the 12L inline-6 engine of Ab Volvo Group. Changes include new engine management and an injection system co-developed with Delphi.

The engine is available in two configurations:


The transmission offered as standard is a ZF servoshift air-assisted 16-speed manual. The Optidrive II 12 speed automated transmission with 4 reverse speeds is offered as an option. This transmission can also be used in manual operation mode.

Renault Magnum pictures

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2000 renault magnum
1998 renault magnum

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2000 - 1998
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