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Used 1986 Renault 25 Photos, 2100cc., Diesel, FF, Manual For Sale

The Renault 25 is an executive car produced by the French automaker Renault from 1984 to 1991. The most luxurious and upmarket Renault ever at the time, it placed second in the 1985 European Car of the Year contest. Though the 25 in beginning had some reliability (electronic) problems (particularly in models built before the car's 1988 revamp) it was consistently a reasonably good seller in its native France, despite failing to challenge the dominance of German brands in the executive car sector in the rest of the European markets. All 25s were built in Sandouville, near Le Havre, France.


Used 1986 Renault 25 Photos

Preview 1986 Renault 25Preview 25

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1986 Renault 25 Photos

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Displacement, cc:2100
Fuel Type:Diesel
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$1169

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Introduced in late 1983 as a 1984 model, the Renault 25 was a large step forward in nearly every aspect from the Renault 20 / Renault 30 range it was replacing. Its five-door liftback body was penned by designers Gaston Juchet and Robert Opron of Citro├źn SM fame, and the unconventional style (the wraparound rear window was its most famous feature) was aimed at giving the car a notchback look in order to overcome customer preference outside France for formal sedans in the segment.

The 25 was one of the first cars designed from the start for aerodynamic efficiency; its drag coefficient (Cd) was 0.31, a key factor in improving fuel economy. The TS model briefly held the unofficial title of "world's most aerodynamic mass-production car" with a Cd of 0.28, and at its launch the 25 was easily the best in its class for fuel economy.

All Renault 25 models were front-wheel drive, with four or six-cylinder engines mounted longitudinally forward of the front axle. The 25's performance was above average for its class, with the V6 Turbo specification a match for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series.

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Photos 1986 Renault 25 - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1986 Renault 25 For Sale, 2100cc., Diesel, FF, Manual.