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Used 2001 Nissan Primera Wagon Wallpapers

The Nissan Primera is a large family car produced by the Japanese automaker Nissan for the domestic and European markets.

See also Infiniti G20

Since 1986, Nissan had been building Bluebirds—it was essentially a rebadged home-market Auster/Stanza – for the European market at its factory in Washington, Tyne and Wear, England.

Used Nissan Primera Wagon


Used 2001 Nissan Primera Wagon Wallpapers

Preview 2001 Nissan Primera WagonPreview Primera WagonPreview 2001 Primera WagonPreview Nissan Primera Wagon

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2001 Nissan Primera Wagon Wallpapers

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In the autumn of 1990, Nissan replaced the UK Bluebird with the Primera. It had a conventional front-wheel drive chassis and five-speed manual gearbox, with some versions getting the option of a four-speed automatic. Power came from 1.6-litre carburetor and 1.8-litre and 2.0-litre injection gasoline engines; a 2.0-litre diesel followed from 1992 onwards. The 1.8-litre version was never sold in Europe. Bodystyles were four- and five-door saloons and five-door estate (the last of which was imported from Japan).

Nissan had deliberately targeted the car at the European market. The Primera saw Nissan's multi-link front suspension applied to front-wheel drive for the first time. The 2.0-litre gasoline engine received a power upgrade in 1992 which gave the then eZX, (later renamed the eGT) 150 bhp from the standard 2.0-litre engine and a top speed of around 219 km/h (or 137 mph).

Some five-door UK Primeras were exported back to Japan, Russia and Ireland. In the United States, the Japanese-built version of the Primera was rebadged as the Infiniti G20, part of Nissan's upper-scale Infiniti brand. This version sold well in the Canadian market.[citation needed]

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