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Used 2004 Nissan MOCO Pics

The Suzuki MR Wagon is a kei car with a mini MPV body, seating four, manufactured by Suzuki for the Japanese market only, and also marketed in Japan by Nissan as Nissan Moco under an OEM agreement. The model debuted in 2001, and since 2006 it is in its second generation (as of 2007). It was launched in India by Maruti Suzuki as Maruti Zen Estilo in 2006.

Used Nissan MOCO


Used 2004 Nissan MOCO Pics

2004 Nissan MOCO

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Mazda is currently in talk about launching a rebated version of the MR Wagon as the Wagon Z.

The first generation model went on sale on December 4, 2001, featuring Suzuki's K6A kei car engine, in either naturally-aspirated (40kW / 54hp) or turbocharged (44kW / 60hp) versions, available with either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. In all versions, the transmission was a 4-speed transmission with column shift. A hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle based on the first-generation MR Wagon was presented in 2005, using technology co-developed with General Motors.

The Nissan Moco version was presented as a concept car on the 35th Tokyo Motor Show in 2001 and only went on sale on April 10, 2002. The basic engine, drive and transmission choices were the same as for the Suzuki. The major difference between the Nissan and Suzuki versions was the Nissan's "wing" grille resembling that of contemporary Nissan Primera P12. The sales of the Nissan version stabilized at about 3000-4000 units a month, actually exceeding MR Wagon's sales.The first generation model went on sale in India in 2006 as the Zen Estilo. The Zen Estilo however, is powered by a 1.1L MPFI engine that also powers the Wagon in Indian market.

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