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2001 Mazda Carol Pictures, Gasoline, Manual For Sale

The Carol is a name used by Mazda for its kei cars since 1961.

The R360 was replaced in 1961 with the Mazda P360 Carol, the company's first 4-passenger car. It was larger than the Mazda R360 it replaced, running on a 193cm wheelbase for a total length of 298cm. It used a rear-mounted water-cooled 358cc 4-cylinder OHV engine, which is one of the smallest 4-cylinder automobile engines in history (only Honda's 356cc DOHC alloy 4-cylinder unit, used in the T360 truck, was smaller).


2001 Mazda Carol Pictures

Preview 2001 Mazda CarolPreview CarolPreview 2001 CarolPreview Mazda Carol

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2001 Mazda Carol Pictures

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Fuel Type:Gasoline
Approximate cost (price):$3782

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The Carol 600 appeared in the fall of 1962 with a larger 586 cc OHV engine and a longer 320 cm length. It was available as a 4-door sedan in late 1963. The car was called the 'Carol' in Japan, and the '600', 'P600', and 'N600' in other markets.

The Chantez (or Chante) had a longer wheelbase at 220 cm than most of its competitors and boasted the powerful 2-stroke engine from the Porter. Sales halted in 1977, and Mazda did not produce another kei car until 1989.

The Carol name appeared again in 1989 on the Autozam Carol. The Carol was produced for Mazda by Suzuki, and while it used the Suzuki Alto's platform, its interior and exterior were completely unique to Mazda. It was a front or all-wheel drive kei car with a SOHC 547 cc 3-cylinder F5B engine and a 233 cm wheelbase.

New regulations brought about the replacement of the 1989 Carol within 4 months. The new car was 6 cm longer and used a larger 657 cc F6A engine. In 1991, Mazda offered a turbocharged engine, and the car was lengthened to 329 cm in 1992.

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