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2005 KIA Pregio Pictures - Car Pictures Gallery

The Kia Bongo (Hangul:기아 봉고 프론티어), also known as Kia K-Series, is a pickup truck produced and built by Kia Motors.

The first Bongo was launched in April, 1997 under the name Bongo Frontier. In December, 2000 the second generation Bongo Frontier was launched. As of 2004, the Kia Bongo was in its third version, Kia Bongo III. "Frontier" was dropped from the name with this revision.


2005 KIA Pregio Pictures

Preview 2005 KIA PregioPreview PregioPreview 2005 PregioPreview KIA PregioPreview KIA Pregio
Preview KIA Pregio

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2005 KIA Pregio Pictures

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Pregio Troubleshooting
Radiator and steering wheel
1999, i have observed that the amount of water (1
liter)from the radiator goes down every day but I
2004, i have problem to board back axle in uk can
you help mi to found that parts registation number
Masalah temperatur
2003, kenapa temperatur mesin jadi gakjelas naik
turunnya? sudah saya ganti swith temperatur tetapi

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The Kia Bongo Frontier was originally available in RV or pickup trucks. It was replaced by the Kia Bongo III in 2004. The Bongo Frontier was the first Kia Motors car to be exported to Europe and South America. Beginning in 1995, there was a minivan variant called the Kia Pregio.

1st Generation (1997-2000)

The Bongo Frontier was the first rear wheel drive car produced by Kia Motors.

Kia has produced small and large trucks for the Korean market for at least 25 years. Rear wheel drive Bongo trucks have been on the market in Korea since at least the late 1980s. Available in white or medium blue with a 4 cylinder diesel engine. Other colors are special order only. Available in 2 or 4 door.

2nd Generation (2000-2004)

The 2nd generation Bongo Frontier was a facelift from the previous model.

3rd Generation (2004-present)

The 3rd generation became the Kia Bongo III.

Some markets, including Europe and South America, had the Bongo Frontier branded as the Kia K-Series.

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