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2003 JEEP Cherokee Photos, 2776cc., Diesel, Automatic For Sale

Jeep Cherokee (XJ)

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a unibody (monocoque) compact SUV. It shared the name of the original full-size SJ model, but without a body-on-frame chassis, it set the stage for the modern SUV. Its innovative appearance and sales popularity spawned important imitators as other automakers began to notice that this model began replacing regular cars. It was built in Toledo, Ohio in the United States and in Beijing, China. The XJ platform provided the mechanical basis for the MJ-series Jeep Comanche pick-up.

The Cherokee is available in 3 or 5 doors, 2 and 4 wheel drive and has 2 engine choices; the 2.5-liter pushrod 8-valve 4-in-line with 125 hp or the 4.0-liter pushrod 12-valve 6-in-line with 190 hp with a choice of a 5-speed manual, 3 speed, or 4-speed automatic transmission.


2003 JEEP Cherokee Photos

Preview 2003 JEEP CherokeePreview CherokeePreview 2003 CherokeePreview JEEP Cherokee

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2003 JEEP Cherokee Photos

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Cherokee Troubleshooting
1999, me que de sin combustible y ovbio no arranca
,, como se purga. te sigo escribiendo porque mepide
Missing part hot post on battery what hooks to it ot...
1984, my jeep list on tital as amc cherokee sw iam
restoreing has a 2.8 chevy engine battery
Transfer case
1992, i have a 1992 jeep cherokee. its only 2door
but i found a transfercase from a 1988 jeep
cherokee. ...

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Displacement, cc:2776
Fuel Type:Diesel
Approximate cost (price):$21554

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The XJ was selected by Robert Cumberford of Automobile Magazine as one of the 20 greatest cars of all time, calling it "possibly the best SUV shape of all time, it is the paradigmatic model to which other designers have since aspired."

Designs of the XJ Cherokee date back to 1978 when a team of American Motors (AMC) and Renault engineers drew several sketches. A few clay models were based on the existing SJ Cherokee. Early sketches of the XJ Cherokee had an European influence, and most of the styling cues were done by AMC engineers under the direction of Richard Teague. The ongoing debate suggests that Renault sketch artists were involved right after the 1979 partnership with AMC.[citation needed] Noticing that General Motors was developing a new two-door S-10 based Blazer, AMC decided to design an entirely new four-door model, but worried about rollovers Gerald C. Meyers hired one of Ford's best engineers, Roy Lunn to design what is known as the Quadra-Link suspension. Fran├žois Castaing developed the drivetrain using a much smaller engine than normally found in 4WD vehicles and reduced the weight of the new model,

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Photos 2003 JEEP Cherokee - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 2003 JEEP Cherokee For Sale, 2776cc., Diesel, Automatic.