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Used 1996 Hyundai Accent Photos, 1500cc., Gasoline, FF, Manual For Sale

The Hyundai Accent (sold in some regions as the Verna and until 2000 in Australia as the Excel) is a small family car produced by Hyundai in South Korea, India, Russia, Turkey, and Iran.

The Accent is produced for the Chinese market by Beijing Hyundai Co., a joint venture with Beijing Automotive Industry Corp. For Russian market it is assembled by TagAZ plant in Taganrog. In Mexico, the Accent is marketed by Chrysler as the Dodge Attitude, previously Verna by Dodge. In Venezuela, Chrysler marketed the Brisa de Dodge until 2006. The Brisa is assembled by Mitsubishi Motors at its plant in Barcelona, Venezuela. Since 2002, the Accent had been the longest-running small family car sold in North America. In Puerto Rico, it has been sold as the Hyundai Brio.

Used Hyundai Accent

The Accent is offered as a three-door coupe and four-door sedan with an option of a 1.5-liter/92-hp 4 cylinder or a 1.5-liter/105-hp 4 cylinder. Both have the option of a 5-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic and optional ABS.


Used 1996 Hyundai Accent Photos

Preview 1996 Hyundai AccentPreview AccentPreview 1996 AccentPreview Hyundai Accent

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1996 Hyundai Accent Photos

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Accent Troubleshooting
Pictures of 1.5 12 v (92HP) engine
2005, I cannot recognize type of engine because I
didn't see pictures of diferent engines. So
1995, last night my stopped stopped charging after
travelling a long distance,it was pulling hard and
Increase the exchange of gasoline
1995, my accent car 1995 face Increase the exchange
of gasoline problem ,Determination of the car is ver...

Photo Information (Width: 340px, Height: 255px, Size: 19Kb)

Displacement, cc:1500
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Drive Type:FF
Approximate cost (price):$3637

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The Hyundai Accent (X3) was introduced as a replacement for the Excel for the 1995 model year. It continued to be called Excel in some markets, such as the Netherlands and Australia. In France, it was called the Hyundai Pony.

In Australia, the X3 proved so popular (due to its low price) that it was the third best-selling vehicle in the country in both 1996 and 1998. In the latter year, it achieved more than 44,000 sales (a 5.5% share of the total market), a record figure at the time, for an imported car. Between 1994 and 2000, some 200,000 X3s were sold in Australia, making it arguably the most successful imported vehicle in the country's history.[citation needed]

The Accent was sold in saloon (sedan), hatchback, and coupé form in the UK, with a choice of three engines for each: a 1.3 12v (85HP), 1.5 12v (92HP) and a 1.5 16v (105HP) petrol. There was no diesel option (until the 2003 redesign). A GSi spec car was the top-specification Accent with front power windows and a radio/cassette player.

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Photos 1996 Hyundai Accent - Photos, Pics, Wallpapers, Images.
Used 1996 Hyundai Accent For Sale, 1500cc., Gasoline, FF, Manual.