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Just seen your post, its a bit grim as far as I am concerned.
As a do it yourself person its hopeless. There is no Workshop or Service manual. Well there is a Japanese version somewhere out there but would need translation.
You can buy an owners handbook by joining the Pajero Owners Club UK (POCOK) you should find it easily and it has a specific forum for the Junior.
The handbook will give you tyre pressures etc but to find out any real information is terrible. Cannot get even a wiring diagram. Maybe some countries have more info. I live in Malta and my car is an official badged Mitsubishi ie not a grey import but the smallest thing has to be ordered and takes ages to arrive. Some UK shops have minor service items like oil filters and belts but anything more forget it.
Have now given up endlessly searching the web, lots of the cars for sale but parts and info - no. Great little car but wish I had not bought it.
You will probably realize by the responses or lack of them to your post that its not a great scenario. I bought a used rear spoiler from UK - the proper Mistsubishi item but it had no fixings with it and not one person in the whole world can (will) tell me what the original fixings would have been or where to drill the hole for the brake light and there are no drawings anywhere.
Sorry to be so negative but thats how I see it.
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